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The 5 or 10 Club

Greetings in the name of Jesus! Thank you for your interest in being a partner and keeping us supported through prayer and finances. I want to introduce you to a group I call the “5 and 10” club. For those of whom God has placed the desire to give on their heart, I want to make this invitation.

Through this “5 and 10” club I am able to minister the Gospel to churches, communities, and through mission trips. As I go to these different areas I am able to spread life abundantly as Christ would have it. The “5 and 10” club is made up of partners who support with only 5 or 10 dollars a month. As little as this is individually – it goes a long way for this ministry when it comes together.

As the Written Word says, “One man sows, one man waters, and God brings the increase,” which calls us to realize that the man who sows and the man who waters will both see increase. When you sow into this healing ministry you are sowing seeds for divine health – so expect divine health for your life!

Thank you for love, kindness, prayers, and other support!

Grace and Peace. God Bless You!



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