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Your Voice Has Power

In Luke 10:19 Jesus explains that your voice is the voice of authority in your part of the Earth.  With our faith, we need only to speak to a problem and it will be plucked up (Luke 17:6).  The sycamine tree in this scripture is the problem, circumstance, or situation that stands between you and your success.

What is standing between you and your success?  Is it inflation? Sickness?  Speak to it.  It has to obey you.  Do you want to be successful in removing the obstacles in your life?  Speak to them.  Jesus said they will obey you. Obey you – obey you – obey YOU.

The Greek New Testament says what you say will be obeyed, - so quit begging and crying and just speak to that thing!  Say what you want done with it.  Tell it to be plucked up by the root.  There is no great reason why Jesus said to speak to the tree or problem.  He simply said to do it.

In Mark 11:23, “saith” (say) is found four times.  So, keep saying it, do not give up; you will be successful.  Your words have authority, ability, weight, and power. Jesus is the Living Word; The Bible is the Written Word.  You fellowship with the Living Word; you meditate the Written Word and when you speak it, all circumstances will obey you.


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