Healing: Emmett Anderson Ministries

Here you will find videos of me teaching God's Word. All of these videos may be found on YouTube in some place or another. You will find in these lessons, the same information which is taught in God's Word. The reason that it is important for me to teach it, is that unfortunately there are many people who are still living under the law and have not yet heard the righteousness and grace that God intended for them. The goal is to help you think about what you're believing and thinking.

Are you sitting in a great big pile of stinking thinking?

Jesus Christ has perfected us forever

In this video you will find out 7 things that God has made us through His son, Jesus Christ. These are things that in our own power, we could never accomplish.
Better than that - none of these things can be undone! Study these scriptures and receive them in your spirit, and you will be set free in every area of your life.


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